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Teams with high motivation consistently do better than low-scoring teams. Highly motivated teams have better productivity, sales, customer ratings, profits and more.

Most Employees Are Disengaged

Most Leaders Need a Better Way to Manage Motivation

Many businesses have limited impact and performance due to low motivation. Managing motivation is not complicated if you know what to do.

You can manage motivation.
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"Is lack of motivation and engagement a real problem?"

On average, 85% of the workforce is not actively engaged and motivated and - as a result – less happy at work and 18% less productive than a motivated and engaged workforce – and yes! That’s indeed a big problem.

Source: Gallup 2017


of the world's employees are "engaged"
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Profitability is

higher with more engaged employees
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"It's all about profit and productivity, isn't it?"

Productivity is 17% higher and profitability is about 21% higher in companies with highest levels of engagement, compared with the lowest levels.

"How can I be sure that investing in motivation pays off?"

Research shows that the top motivated team will always outperform less motivated teams. Investing in motivation results in motivated employees, motivated teams and motivated organizations.

Highly engaged employees make

higher sales
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An analysis of 1.8 million employees found those scoring in the top quartile on engagement outperformed the bottom quartile:

Source — Gallup

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Motivizion Works

Motivated employees are happy employees. When you’re able to do your best, know your purpose, and see your contribution to the overall objective, happy hormones are released in your brain.  Engaged employees are enthusiastic, and help drive innovation their organization forward.

What Is Motivizion?

It is clear vision to manage employee motivation and engagement.

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