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An employee engagement survey and strategy - from start to finish.

Completing an employee engagement survey and action plan really is this simple.

employee engagement survey client, Lisa

Motivation needed.

Meet Lisa, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at FORITOX Ltd.

Lisa wants to focus on motivation and engagement in her team.

She knows that a highly motivated team always will outperform a less motivated team. But to know where she’s heading – and how to get there – Lisa needs to identify where she is.

She needs an employee engagement survey and consulting that is within budget. Lisa decides to contact Motivizion.

Later same day Lisa receives:

  • A complete timeline
  • A fixed price

Team members identified 

Lisa accepts the proposal from Motivizion. She sends a list with names and email addresses of all team members to do the online assessment. 

The list also includes an information about the team and department for each team member.

Tuesday – Thursday:
Employee engagement survey underway

Motivizion invites all team members to fill in the Motivizion assessment – an online survey with 45 questions.

It only takes a few minutes to complete the questionnaire.

An automatic reminder process ensures that as many team members as possible complete the assessment no later than Thursday.s 

workplace employee engagement survey
Employee engagement survey

Report package delivered

The employee engagement survey is completed. The results are calculated and the reports are ready. Lisa receives the Motivizion Result Package by email. The package includes:

  • The Motivizion result report
  • A 6-page Quick Manual, explaining how to read the result
  • A ready-to-present PPTX slide-deck defining the key learnings from the result report

Facilitator video conference

After studying the Motivizion Result Package Lisa is ready for her online consultation with an experienced Motivation Factor Certified Facilitator.

Lisa reviews the results and and discusses how to proceed in a two-hour video conference with her facilitator.

Lisa is free to decide who she wants to participate in the video conference. She might prefer a one-on-one session with the Motivizion Facilitator. Or she might have a group conference with the Motivizion Facilitator and her team leads.  Or she can arrange another option that suits her situation.

Presentation & action plan

Lisa will present the result of the team assessment, and she will facilitate three simple exercises, based on the team’s motivation level.

Lisa and her team will reach consensus on pain points and what to do about them. Most important: The team then agrees on a to-do-list. This list includes action points for the next three months, with items for follow up in future team meetings, etc.

Follow-up facilitation video conference

The Motivation Factor Facilitator contacts Lisa to follow up on the results and meetings, and to share tips and recommendations for implementation.

Motivizion videoconference

Going forward

Lisa can take advantage of extended advice and coaching from her Motivation Factor Facilitator. She has two additional 1-hour online coaching sessions to address her results and implementation. These sessions are Included in the Motivizion measurement package

Take Action

We ensure that process of empowering people is simple. 

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