This Is Motivizion

Has employee motivation and engagement become a top priority for your team, department or organization?

Motivizion enables you to measure and understand employee motivation levels, so you can quickly prioritize your efforts and resources.

It’s a fast, simple way to assess and strengthen employee engagement, designed by experts in motivation science.

Start by contacting Motivizion. In less than 6 business hours you’ll receive a noncommittal offer and time-schedule for your Motivizion Program.

- The 3 Step Process -


Fill in the contact form and receive immidiately a non-committal, fixed price proposal and a time schedule. You’ll accept the proposal by sending Motivizion a list of participants.


Motivizion will send out email assessment invitations to all participants. Motivizion is an online assessment of 45 questions. It only takes a few minutes to complete the questionnaire.


When the survey is completed (90 – 95% response rate), you’ll receive complete results, guidance, and support to plan and implement a powerful new employee engagement program

Measure 4 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of Employee Motivation

Motivizion provides you with the four organizational KPIs you need when your team’s, department’s or organization’s motivation is at the top of your agenda.​

Motivation Capability

How responsive a person to extrinsic factors (related to employee energy and needs)

Intrinsic Motivation

How much internal motivation a person feels (related to talents and purpose)

Strategic Connection

How well an employee feels connected to the strategy (based on knowledge, attitude and behavior)

Total Organization

The level of motivation at a glance. (A weighted average based on Motivation Capability, Intrinsic Motivation and Strategic Connection)


Motivizion- Full Package Solution

It’s much easier, simpler and less expensive than you think.

The Motivizion Full Package includes:

Motivizion Gives You Action Plans for Employee Motivation

Motivizion makes it easy to pinpoint where in your organization a special effort is needed. You’ll be able to identify the color-coded “Red, Yellow and Green” teams – enabling you to prioritize your effort and resources where they can help the most.

In one week, we’ll provide three scientific measurements of employee motivation according to 4 Motivation KPIs.

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